Alexis Clairaut (1713-1765)

Chronologie de la vie de Clairaut (1713-1765)

[c. juin 1754] : Clairaut écrit à [John] Nourse :
Mr Clairaut's compliments to Mr Nourse and beg the favour of sending three sheets which are wanting in his copy of Savary's dictionary the english translation from p. 408 to 421 that is the sheets 5L, 5M, 5N. And as soon as Mr Nourse hat got 'em, to send 'em to Mr Clairaut's lodging in Cov. Garden [Covent Garden] where he will take 'em as soon as he is [in town], as well as call upon Mr Nourse and thank him. He is sorry for the trouble he gives Mr Nourse but he can't help it, the copy being so imperfect.

[PS] I perceive, now this moment, that the sheets 7M, 7N, 7O, 7P are wanting too (Columbia University, George Smith collection).
(Savary des Bruslons 23-30) a connu une traduction anglaise dont les deux volumes ont paru chez Knapton en 1751 et 1755 (Savary des Bruslons 51-55).

Clairaut écrit un autre mot à Nourse le 26 juillet [1754].
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