Alexis Clairaut (1713-1765)

Chronologie de la vie de Clairaut (1713-1765)

(13 février 1749) 2 février 1748 : À la Royal Society :
The President [Martin Folkes] produce a paper [C. 40] which he received on the 30th of January last, under cover from M[onsieu]r d'Onsembray one of the honorary's of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris, which paper was indorsed by M[onsieu]r Clairaut, and sealed with his seals, which he […] by the superscription and by a letter accompanying it desires may be kept sealed in the hands of the President of the Royal Society till such time as he desires may reopened. This precaution he acquaints the President by a letter dated Paris 26th January 1749 N.S. he takes, not to be prevented in some researches to which he has been led, and to which others may be led, by his solution of the problem of the three bodies. He says he only delays the publishing this paper till he has verified some calculations which he is first desirous of examining.

In […]ance of this desire, this paper was now produced by the President who desired leave to deposit it with the Society till Mons[ieu]r Clairaut should give directions for the opening it, and that the secretaries of the Society would for his justification put their own superscription and seals upon it, and that it might be mentioned in the minutes of this meeting.

Then the paper was locked up by the President in his [dranver?] at the Society's house till the next meeting that the president's paper containing this account might be mentioned in the minutes, and afterwards sealed upon together with Mr Clairaut's paper (RS, JBC 20, pp. 56-57).
Le mémoire est classé le (20 février 1749) 9 février 1748.

Clairaut évoque l'envoi à Cramer le 3 juin (cf. 3 juin 1749 (1)).

Il recontacte la Royal Society à ce sujet le 3 juin (cf. 3 juin 1749 (2)).
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