Alexis Clairaut (1713-1765)

Chronologie de la vie de Clairaut (1713-1765)

(26) 15 novembre 1739 : À la Royal Society :
Another letter from the same gentleman [Dr Martine] to Dr Mortimer, dated at Paris Nov[embe]r 10, 1739 N[ew] S[tyle] [cf. 10 novembre 1739 (1)] was read.

Wherein he makes mention of some of the present undertaking of the literati at Paris, viz that Mr Bremond is going on with his translation of the Philosophical Transactions, and design to send a present of what is finished to the Society. That he is also now printing a translation of Mr Hauksbee's book of experiments and further that Mons[ieu]r Clairaut has lately read a memoir on refraction and on the refractive power of bodies [C. 23]: wherein he endeavoured to explain the doctrine and to defend the principles of Sir Isaac Newton's theory in such a manner as was most likely to remove the prejudices which do therein obtain at present with some (RS, JBC 16, p. 488-489).
  • C. 23 : Clairaut (Alexis-Claude), « Sur les explications cartésienne et newtonienne de la réfraction de la lumière », HARS 1739 (1741), Mém., pp. 259-275 [Télécharger] [24 juillet 1739 (1)] [29 juillet 1739 (2)] [Plus].
  • HARS 17.. : Histoire de l'Académie royale des sciences [de Paris] pour l'année 17.., avec les mémoires...
  • Mém. : Partie Mémoires de HARS 17..
  • RS : Royal Society, London.
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