Alexis Clairaut (1713-1765)

Chronologie de la vie de Clairaut (1713-1765)

(26) 15 décembre 1737 : À la Royal Society :
The translation of a letter in French from Monsieur Clairaut to Dr Mortimer, dated at Paris Decr 13 1737 N.S. [cf. 13 décembre 1737 (1)] on the occasion of his being elected a member was read.

Wherein after having expressed his sense of the favour, he makes some apology for not having yet sent the second memoir he has been some time since preparing for the Society, and which he promised in his letter with the first: the delay being occasioned by a necessary interruption in preparing a memoir [C. 19] he is now reading for the satisfaction of the Royal Academy concerning the truth of Mr Bradley's rules for correcting the places of the stars from the aberration of light in the annual motion of the Earth, and which they were under a necessity of employing in their observations for ascertaining the measurement of the Earth in the North. These demonstrations being derived as he apprehends from the most simple principles, he says he will very readily communicate to whomsoever they may be acceptable.

Thanks were ordered to Monsieur Clairaut (RS, JBC 16, p. 160).
  • C. 19 : Clairaut (Alexis-Claude), « De l'aberration apparente des étoiles, causée par le mouvement progressif de la lumière », HARS 1737 (1740), Mém., pp. 205-227, 2 pl [Télécharger] [11 décembre 1737 (1)] [13 décembre 1737 (1)] [Plus].
  • HARS 17.. : Histoire de l'Académie royale des sciences [de Paris] pour l'année 17.., avec les mémoires...
  • Mém. : Partie Mémoires de HARS 17..
  • RS : Royal Society, London.
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